BLOG TOUR: Becoming Mila by Estelle Maskame

Set in Los Angeles and Nashville over a long, hot summer, Becoming Mila is the first book in an irresistibly addictive and exhilarating new trilogy from Estelle Maskame, shimmering with love, friendship, family frictions – and lots of romance.

Sixteen-year-old Mila lives in LA with her mom and A-list actor dad, whose fame constantly thrusts their lives into the media spotlight. But when Mila’s antics around town make waves ahead of her dad’s next big movie, something needs to be done. So Mila is dispatched 2,000 miles away to Nashville, Tennessee, where she can cool off for the summer with her aunt and grandfather. The perfect solution – right?

Mila’s not so sure. She’s dreading the idea of a summer away from her friends, not to mention being shipped to the other side of the country. Apprehensive and out-of-sorts when she arrives, it doesn’t take long for her to get off on the wrong foot with the mayor’s son, Blake. In spectacular style.

But Blake’s no stranger to Mila’s issues. He knows exactly what life’s like with a parent in the public eye – the pressures and politics, dramas and dynamics … Perhaps Mila and Blake have far more in common than either of them care to admit


I would like to thank the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Estelle Maskame has done it again. Becoming Mila is incredible and the ultimate read for YA lovers.

I still remember reading Estelle’s debut series, Did I Mention I Love and how incredible the whole series turned to be so when I heard about her new Becoming Mila series I had to read it.

Becoming Mila is the perfect for fans of the YA romance genre. The characters of this book are great and characters I loved more and more as the book went on. It was also great to see the character growth throughout the novel which made for shocking turns throughout the book. I loved Mila straight away as we were quickly let in on the fact Mila’s life of privilege wasn’t all it glitz and glamour but instead a much sadder life as she barely spends any times with her parens and the fact everything resolves around her dad’s career.

I loved the setting of the novel in Nashville and how this allowed Mila to reconnect with old friends and the life she had before her dad’s fame. I was instantly invested in Mila and Blake’s relationship and it did not disappoint even if the fact it was a slow burn romance almost killed me. There romance was filled with delicious moments that every reader will love. And let’s not forget that incredible cliffhanger ending that has me dying for the next book in the series Trusting Blake which comes out later this year.

Estelle’s writing never fails to disappoint and Becoming Mila is no different her writing style is excellent to depict all the emotions Mila is going through throughout the book. It was so good that every emotion Mila was feeling so was I which made the book even more enjoyable because it allowed me to love our main character whole heartedly.

Becoming Mila is an incredible book that I would highly recommend to everyone.

You can buy Becoming Mila now from here

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