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This month’s playlist is inspired by the wonderful…

Sinéad Harnet!

I saw Sinéad back in October at Heaven and she was INCREDIBLE! I was meant to do a whole post on the gig unfortunately I didn’t have time but I might do it in the future as she is truly an incredible artist.

If you love artist with rich voices this playlist is 100% for you!

I am in love with this playlist at the moment.Let me know which songs were your favourite and if you’d like me do any other inspired playlists!



Love Politics War – Yolanda Brown


Love Politics War is a unique Jazz album with a beautiful reggae feel. Yolanda Brown has really brought something new and beautiful to the jazz world with this album.

Yolanda is an amazing saxophonist and this album just allows the world to see that with so much ease.The way she plays on this album is honestly exquisite.Love Politics War is a soulful album that makes you feel relaxed.

In my opinion this is the jazz album of 2017!


I Don’t Like Being Honest – The Aces





Baby Who


The Aces are an all girl band and I cannot express how refreshing it is to see such a good girl band! Also I love seeing female guitarists and drummers!

Stuck is the dance anthem that will have you jamming a long all day.All the songs on this EP have me singing along.The carefree feeling of this band makes it so easy to listen to, that and the incredible vocals!

Baby Who has such an exciting energy about it.It is so simple but beautiful and features the best production.If your looking for a song to get stuck in your head all day Physical is definitely the song for you.

I can’t wait to hear more from this incredible band The Aces

Starting From Now – Catherine McGrath



Starting From Now

When I’m Older

Just In Case

Just In Case (Acoustic)

Never Wanna Fall In Love

Starting From Now is Catherine McGrath 2nd EP.

First of all I would like to say whoever the producer was on this track did an incredible job of blending everything together!

Catherine has got such a unique voice with a rich tone that makes everything she sings sound personal.Her meaningful lyrics tell a story that makes this the ideal EP to listen to at any time.

Just In Case has an amazing beat that will have you jamming along. I your looking for a song that will give you all the feels ‘Never Wanna Fall In Love’ is perfect.

All I have to say is that I can see Catherine McGrath becoming huge in the next couple of years and this incredible EP may be the start of it.


Ready – Ella Mai



Boo’d Up
Breakfast In Bed
Nobody Else
My Way
Makes Me Wonder

Ready is Ella Mai’s 3rd EP and in my opinion her best to date.

Ella Mai is not lyrically afraid to talk on this EP. She knows her sound and uses that to creatively craft her lyrics.

Ready has a song for everyone with the upbeat tempo of ‘Nobody Else’  and the perfect break up song of ‘Anymore’ .

Her voice brings every song to life along with DJ Mustard’s incredible beats and production.

Ella Mai is a must on any playlist.

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Teenage Fantasy – Jorja Smith


Jorja Smith is most recently known for her feature on Drake’s More Life album.Her velvet voice fits perfectly over any song and Teenage Fantasy is no different.

Teenage Fantasy leaves you with an incredible sensation.This relaxing song is such a personal song that speaks to anyone going through the trials of love while giving a jazz vibe.

Jorja’s voice hits powerfully on the chorus ‘We all want a teenage fantasy,want it when we can’t have it, when we got it we don’t seem to want it’  her lyrics hit home drawing you in with how personal they are.

The instruments + Jorja’s voice = your new favourite song

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Confidently Lost – Sabrina Claudio


Track List:

Too Much Too Late

Tell Me 

Runnin’ Thru Lovers

Confidently Lost

Orion’s Belt 

I Don’t

After stumbling across Sabrina Claudio I can officially say I have found my new love!

It’s been a long time since I’ve fallen in love with every single track on an EP, the soul & R&B vibes get from this EP is just beyond words.Sabrina enraptures you and doesn’t let you go untick the last note plays.

You can without a doubt hear her soul inspiration in each individual track.You can hear that she is confident within her sound. Each track tells a different story with lyrics that are 100% relatable.Her exquisite vocal technique give you sand that is to die for.

Confidently Lost is a perfect EP to listen to all day!

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H.E.R, Vol 2 – H.E.R



Every Kind of Way
Say It Again
Still Down
Gone Away
I Won’t
Lights On

H.E.R. Vol. 2 is the second Volume the world gets from the wonderful artist H.E.R and I think it’s clear to say that it’s Vol. 2 is on a whole different level of perfection to Vol. 1.

Vol. 2 produces a unique sound that the world was missing.Each track is completely different and reminds you of that old school R&B sound.It’s what R&B now is missing. I love everything from the meaningful lyrics to the eye catching artwork.The way her voice just enraptures you and it just feels intimate and allows you the ability to relate to what she’s talking about

The technology on the tracks allows you to get lost in not only her voice but also the beat.i couldn’t pick one song that I love but I love the beat on ‘Avenue’ and the lyrics on ‘I Wont’ which brings me to tears almost everytime just from the beauty of the entire track.

The only question I have after listening to Vol. 2 is where is Vol. 3 at?

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Golden EP – Liisi LaFontaine


Track Titles

Way That I Love U (feat. P.J.)


Love That I’m Feeling

Same Sky

This EP has recently become one of my favourite EP of all time, it’s such a unique sound you can’t help but love it!

Many of you may know Liisi LaFontaine from her role in the West End Dreamgirls as the renowned Deena Jones but her Golden EP shows a different side to her.

Liisi moulds her voice to fit every song, there is not a song that  you cannot love.The uniqueness of this EP is so underrated.  Liisi offers not only a specific sound that is different to what is currently out and in the charts but her tracks also feature a beautiful use of technology.The music world needs more of this sound!

Each track features meaningful lyrics that are easy to connect with.My favourite song has got to be Champagne I just love the texture of Liisi’s voice and how the song progresses with the beautiful guitar and ad libs.She also gives off such strong Leona Lewis vibes especially on Love That I’m Feeling.

Golden EP makes me admire Liisi even more and only leaves me with 2 questions. Why don’t more people know about this EP? & When is the next EP/Album out?



Disarm You – Pia Mia

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 13.52.49.png

Disarm You is the first song we’ve heard from Pia Mia this year which hopefully means we will see an album soon! I got such strong Ariana Grande vibes while listening to Disarm You I JUST LOVED IT! The simplicity of this song was just perfect and really highlighted what a great singer Pia is.

Let me absolve you
Of the past that controls you
I just wanna know what you look like
Without a weight on your soul

Another thing I loved on this track was the production, it was just perfect.I absolutely adored how meaningful the lyrics were in this song and I honestly can’t wait to see Pia Mia’s full album so we can hear the full Pia Mia sound.

Hopefully this isn’t the last song we’ve heard from Pia Mia this year 😉