H.E.R, Vol 2 – H.E.R



Every Kind of Way
Say It Again
Still Down
Gone Away
I Won’t
Lights On

H.E.R. Vol. 2 is the second Volume the world gets from the wonderful artist H.E.R and I think it’s clear to say that it’s Vol. 2 is on a whole different level of perfection to Vol. 1.

Vol. 2 produces a unique sound that the world was missing.Each track is completely different and reminds you of that old school R&B sound.It’s what R&B now is missing. I love everything from the meaningful lyrics to the eye catching artwork.The way her voice just enraptures you and it just feels intimate and allows you the ability to relate to what she’s talking about

The technology on the tracks allows you to get lost in not only her voice but also the beat.i couldn’t pick one song that I love but I love the beat on ‘Avenue’ and the lyrics on ‘I Wont’ which brings me to tears almost everytime just from the beauty of the entire track.

The only question I have after listening to Vol. 2 is where is Vol. 3 at?

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Golden EP – Liisi LaFontaine


Track Titles

Way That I Love U (feat. P.J.)


Love That I’m Feeling

Same Sky

This EP has recently become one of my favourite EP of all time, it’s such a unique sound you can’t help but love it!

Many of you may know Liisi LaFontaine from her role in the West End Dreamgirls as the renowned Deena Jones but her Golden EP shows a different side to her.

Liisi moulds her voice to fit every song, there is not a song that  you cannot love.The uniqueness of this EP is so underrated.  Liisi offers not only a specific sound that is different to what is currently out and in the charts but her tracks also feature a beautiful use of technology.The music world needs more of this sound!

Each track features meaningful lyrics that are easy to connect with.My favourite song has got to be Champagne I just love the texture of Liisi’s voice and how the song progresses with the beautiful guitar and ad libs.She also gives off such strong Leona Lewis vibes especially on Love That I’m Feeling.

Golden EP makes me admire Liisi even more and only leaves me with 2 questions. Why don’t more people know about this EP? & When is the next EP/Album out?



Disarm You – Pia Mia

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 13.52.49.png

Disarm You is the first song we’ve heard from Pia Mia this year which hopefully means we will see an album soon! I got such strong Ariana Grande vibes while listening to Disarm You I JUST LOVED IT! The simplicity of this song was just perfect and really highlighted what a great singer Pia is.

Let me absolve you
Of the past that controls you
I just wanna know what you look like
Without a weight on your soul

Another thing I loved on this track was the production, it was just perfect.I absolutely adored how meaningful the lyrics were in this song and I honestly can’t wait to see Pia Mia’s full album so we can hear the full Pia Mia sound.

Hopefully this isn’t the last song we’ve heard from Pia Mia this year 😉

Chapter 2 EP – Vanessa White


This is my first ever music review EEK! I decided to do it on one of my favourite artists which is pretty perfect as she dropped her second EP at the end of March which you can buy on iTunes !! 

You may be thinking you know Vanessa from somewhere and no it wasn’t from that party at your friends last weekend, although if  you thought you saw her at a bar then your probably right because Ness is always out just take a look at her Instagram stories. Vanessa used to be a member of The Saturdays and now she’s a fabulous solo artist!

Personally I think I prefer Vanessa as a solo artist, she’s got that amazing R&B vibe.

Running Wild 

“I been thinking all these freaky thoughts about you
It’s my dirty secret baby what do I do”

The way this track is produced is just fire and when Vanessa released the stripped back version it became even more apparent how great the vocals were on this track. A simple R&B sound.

Good Good

“Hard to resist, falling in love
Don’t wanna commit”

This is such a sensual track that will stick in your mind all day & night. Vanessa sure as hell is not afraid to be sexual and this comes off in the song. The high notes!


“How do I not give in to temptation
When he put it down like that”

An open honest song that allows you to see the sexual side of Vanessa White. 

Trust Me

“People change trying not to change, trust me
It’s just me, it’s just me, myself, and I”

I’m not even going to lie when I say this is  my favourite song on the whole EP! It was just 100% relatable! Trusting people because they tell you too but really they don’t deserve it. People constantly trying to change you but you’ve got to stay true to yourself because your the most intelligent. 


“So fuck the pressure, pressure
I don’t mind if this thing that we have ain’t forever, ever, oh”

This has got an addictive melody with powerful vocals. Honest lyrics. Perfect Song.

Chapter 2 continues on from Chapter 1 with an even stronger R&B vibe. Bringing back that old R&B sound.Each track is dominated by Vanessa’s sultry vocals. 

In Alicia Keys words this girl is on fire! and I can’t wait to see what’s next from her.

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CapitalSummertime Ball 2016

Picture from CapitalFM

      Top Acts:

  • Flo Rida
  • Tinie Tempah
  • Craig David
  • Louisa Johnson
  • Ariana Grande

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend the Capital Summertime Ball 2016! It was an amazing experience with INCREDIBLE acts!!!

This was my first time at the annual funfest (I’ve always been jealous of the people who go!)  And I loved every minute of it! The opening acts were my favs Little Mix and they of course came out in style, they did a little remix to their smash hit Move! 💃🏽💃🏽

As each act came on you started to care less and less about what people thought of your dance moves and just cared about having a jumping along with the performers!

Halfway through the concert Louisa Johnson (from XFactor) and Clean Bandit came on to perform their song Tears. I fell in love with the studio version of this song, so I was a bit wary to compare however Louisa ABSOULUTLY SMASHED IT!!!! There are very few artists that you can say perform better live but Louisa Johnson is definitely one! 💜

Before the summer time ball I’d seen Ariana Grande once before but her performance on Saturday was remarkable, her vocals were beyond words and when she attempted the rap in Bang Bang it was out of this world! She did 3 songs from her new album Into You, Greedy ( 2nd favourite song on the album) and Dangerous Woman. Flo Rida who was another amazing act brought the already crazed atmosphere up by 1000.

IMG_1809 (2).jpg

There was also a surprise act from Dizzie Rascal which took me back to my primary school days. Another nostalgic act was Craig David I’ve always loved his music since before I can remember he is just SO talented, not many people can DJ, sing and interact with the crowd at the same time. I also later found out that he flew in from Parklife in Manchester to perform so I know have a new found respect for him as that’s dedication!

Tinie Tempah was the highlight of my night, I’d never seen him perform before so I didn’t really know what to expect. After last night I would defiantly see Tinie Tempah again because he had everybody on their feet including the parents who had been forced to come to the concert. I spend the majority of my time in bed and I’d been standing for 6 hours but when he came on he had me not caring that I was tired and that my feet would kill in the morning. He bought an amazing energy to the stage!🎶

I would definitely say that I would love to attend Capital Summertime Ball again  if I was lucky enough to win tickets 🙈.I don’t know how soon I’ll be going back since the tickets always go on sale when I’m at school😩