The Month Of January

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 21.54.50.png

I can’t believe January is over! I felt like it went really slowly but then when it was the 31st, I was like where has January gone?

The rest of the year is going to go super quickly for me! I have so many things on this year, some bookish and some other things 😉 but they all kind of merge together – ish. I can’t wait to show you guys the some of the stuff I have planned!

In January I was nominated for a UKYABA award and I was so shocked! So thank you to all the authors and publishers who nominated me. I love being a blogger and knowing that I’m supporting amazing authors makes me extremely happy. If you wanna check out the shortlist and see all the other lovelies that were nominated you can here.

This month I read:

  • The Place We Met – Isabelle Broom
  • Booked – Kwame Alexander
  • Grave Matter – Juno Dawson & Alex T. Smith
  • Trouble Makes A Comeback – Stephanie Tromly


I didn’t read much but all the books I did read were AMAZING and I couldn’t of had a better start to the year.

I also started Children Of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeymi and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD INCREDIBLE. I got 430 pages of the book finished in January but finished it fully 3 days into February. Basically you all need to preorder this book ASAP!


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