The Embassy Of Cambodia – Zadie Smith




The Embassy of Cambodia is a rare and brilliant story that takes us deep into the life of a young woman, Fatou, domestic servant to the Derawals and escapee from one set of hardships to another.

Beginning and ending outside the Embassy of Cambodia, which happens to be located in Willesden, north-west London, Zadie Smith’s absorbing, moving and wryly observed story suggests how the apparently small things in an ordinary life always raise larger, more extraordinary questions.

My Thoughts

The Embassy Of Cambodia was my first Zadie Smith novel and to be completely honest I don’t know how I feel about it.

The novel is very short and therefore I didn’t really feel like I got a chance to connect with the characters. Fatou works as a servant in north west London. I found it difficult to read about her life as a servant because it was set in a place that I knew and because of how modern the book was.

I didn’t really go into the book know ing much about it except it was a short book that I could read quickly. I only released when I got to the end the reason why the book was called The Embassy Of Cambodia because even though the reason was mentioned I didn’t really get it.

The Embassy Of Cambodia was different to what I expected. This will not be last Zadie Smith novel because I’m now intrigued to know what her full length novels are like.

Have you read any Zadie Smith?


Published By:Hamish Hamilton


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