You Don’t Know Me But I Know You – Rebecca Barrow



There’s a box in the back of Audrey’s closet that she rarely thinks about.

Inside is a letter, seventeen years old, from a mother she’s never met, handed to her by the woman she’s called Mom her whole life.

Being adopted, though, is just one piece in the puzzle of Audrey’s life—the picture painstakingly put together by Audrey herself, consisting not only of the greatest family ever but of a snarky, loyal, sometimes infuriating best friend, Rose; a sweet, smart musician boyfriend, Julian; and a beloved camera that turns the most fleeting moments of her day-to-day routine into precious, permanent memories.

But when Audrey realizes that she’s pregnant, she feels something—a tightly sealed box in the closet corners of her heart—crack open, spilling her dormant fears and unanswered questions all over the life she loves.

Almost two decades ago, a girl in Audrey’s situation made a choice, one that started Audrey’s entire story. Now Audrey is paralyzed by her own what-ifs and terrified by the distance she feels growing between her and Rose. Down every possible path is a different unfamiliar version of her life, and as she weighs the options in her mind, she starts to wonder—what does it even mean to be Audrey Spencer?

My Thoughts

This is another book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. This is the debut novel from Rebecca Barrow and it is truly amazing!

There are so many things I loved about this book and I’m not going to talk about all of them because that might give things away.

  1. Her Best friend Rose – was just me in every way! I loved her so much, do feel like she needs her own book!  Rebecca did amazing job of writing her perfectly
  2. Julian- Every guy in the world needs to be more like Julian
  3. Her mum – She was just everything and she was actually there! The whole way through the book!

The main thing that made me fall in love with this book was the way the plot developed and the way Rebecca wrote Audrey’s story so realistically.

This is definitely a book to put on your pre order list!


Published By: HarperTeen


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