Chapter 2 EP – Vanessa White


This is my first ever music review EEK! I decided to do it on one of my favourite artists which is pretty perfect as she dropped her second EP at the end of March which you can buy on iTunes !! 

You may be thinking you know Vanessa from somewhere and no it wasn’t from that party at your friends last weekend, although if  you thought you saw her at a bar then your probably right because Ness is always out just take a look at her Instagram stories. Vanessa used to be a member of The Saturdays and now she’s a fabulous solo artist!

Personally I think I prefer Vanessa as a solo artist, she’s got that amazing R&B vibe.

Running Wild 

“I been thinking all these freaky thoughts about you
It’s my dirty secret baby what do I do”

The way this track is produced is just fire and when Vanessa released the stripped back version it became even more apparent how great the vocals were on this track. A simple R&B sound.

Good Good

“Hard to resist, falling in love
Don’t wanna commit”

This is such a sensual track that will stick in your mind all day & night. Vanessa sure as hell is not afraid to be sexual and this comes off in the song. The high notes!


“How do I not give in to temptation
When he put it down like that”

An open honest song that allows you to see the sexual side of Vanessa White. 

Trust Me

“People change trying not to change, trust me
It’s just me, it’s just me, myself, and I”

I’m not even going to lie when I say this is  my favourite song on the whole EP! It was just 100% relatable! Trusting people because they tell you too but really they don’t deserve it. People constantly trying to change you but you’ve got to stay true to yourself because your the most intelligent. 


“So fuck the pressure, pressure
I don’t mind if this thing that we have ain’t forever, ever, oh”

This has got an addictive melody with powerful vocals. Honest lyrics. Perfect Song.

Chapter 2 continues on from Chapter 1 with an even stronger R&B vibe. Bringing back that old R&B sound.Each track is dominated by Vanessa’s sultry vocals. 

In Alicia Keys words this girl is on fire! and I can’t wait to see what’s next from her.

Buy on iTunes NOW!!


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