Live Fast,Die Young -Vanessa Barneveld

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Molly Corbett can’t stand seeing her childhood pal Alex Gibson destroy himself. He’s gone from straight-A student to rebel without a cause. With so much at stake, some serious interference is called for—or at least Micromanaging Molly thinks so. Alex needs to get back on the path to the Ivy League. But the harder Molly pushes Alex, the harder he pushes back.

Alex has a secret.

Well, two secrets. Number one: He has terminal melanoma. With six months to live, Alex hasn’t got a second to waste. And hanging around hospitals when his friends think he’s cutting school definitely counts as wasted time. Instead, he’s going to drop out, surf, drive fast cars…and finally put secret number two out there. He’s in love with Molly and he’s going to tell her before it’s too late.

My Thoughts

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review

Live Fast,Die Young is a novella written by the wonderful Vanessa Barneveld.The novella progresses very quickly and in my opinion spends the majority of the book debating whether or not to tell his “childhood” crush about his situation.

I expected more from this book and I felt like just as it got better, it just ended! There were some aspects of the book that I enjoyed such as Alex’s mother, I found that she was amazing character and I connected to her even though she hardly appeared.

This felt more like a short story with a sharp ending then a novella

Rating: 3/5

Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


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