BLOGMAS DAY 24 – My Favourite Book Couples

  1. Clary & Jace (The Mortal Instruments)- I haven’t completely finished the Mortal Instruments series but I ship Jace & Clary so hard, I don’t even really know why I ship them so hard! To be fair this series is full of amazing couples!
  2. Will & Lou (Me Before You)- I love both Will & Lou individually and I absolutely adore their relationship. If you haven’t read this series, YOU NEED TO!
  3. Anne & Gilbert (Anne Of Green Gables)–  They are a classic book couple in literature! I shipped these 2 together the moment Gilbert picked on her for having red hair.
  4. Jessie & Jack (The Jessie Jefferson Series)- I struggled the whole way through this series with who I was shipping together but I just felt like I was more drawn to bad boy Jack
  5. Tyler & Eden (Did I Mention I Love You)-Their relationship was complicated but it just made me ship them even more! This is a must read series.
  6. Sophie & Billy (Billy & Me)- I fell in love with these 2 gradually, it is such a simple love story but it consumed me and I wish I could have a love like theirs
  7. Annie & Jason (Whatever Life Throws At You) – I think my main reason for them being one of my favourite couple is because Julie Cross is such an amazing writer!!
  8. Ron & Hermione  (Harry Potter) – I think this one is self explanantory
  9. Rowan & Aelin (Throne Of Glass) – I’ve changed ship because Rowan is so dreamy!
  10. Wing & Aaron  (Wing Jones) – Aaron is the sweetest guy ever and Wing is just such a special character!



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