BLOGMAS DAY 18 -TV Series I watch

The closer it gets to Christmas the more time I have to catch up on my favourite tv shows. I watch so many shows, I don’t actually know how I keep up!

  1. Empire

Image result for empire tv show

Empire is one of my favourite shows! It never fails to make me laugh!  I’m not going to lie about the fact that the only reason I started watching Empire was because Taraji P. Henson is one of my favourite actresses, she can play just about anything! 


Image result for star tv show

Star is created by Lee Daniels the same person who did Empire.This show has only just started but from the first episode and all the trailers, I know I’m going to love it! Plus the vocals on these girls are AMAZING! Also the songs are so catchy!

3.Teen Wolf

Image result for Teen wolf

If you like mythology then I would highly reccommend Teen wolf as each season features a different myth! I’m so gutted that this series is ending because it means all my favourite characters are going 😦  I really hope they bring back Derek for the last season, he is my favourite character ever!

5. The Originals

Image result for the originals

I started off watching The Vampire Diaries and really loving it but then the Originals arrived and it was a whole different type of love because they are just fire! I highly reccommend it!

6. Pretty Little Liars

Image result for PLL

I started watching this series at around Season 5 and sped through the series in less than a month because it was so gripping! Ashley Benson is hands down my favourite in the show, her one liners are hilarious! alos HALEB

7.Young & Hungry

Image result for young and hungry

If your lookiing for a really good Comedy series then this is definitley a must watch. I’m always laughing so much I sometimes end up in tears! 



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