Guest Post By Jess

Five Classics I Love
Hi everyone! I’m Jess from (or @bookendsendings on Twitter), and today I’m going to diverge from my usual topic of YA and talk about five classics I love instead.

1. 1984
I read 1984 recently-ish, and absolutely loved it! I’m fairly familiar with the histories of the USSR and China, and so I found it really interesting to spot the similarities between the dystopian future in 1984 and the communist countries of the 20th century. It also had a rather bleak ending, which for me was somewhat reminiscent of Louise O’Neill! (anyone who has read either of her books will know exactly what I mean)

2. The Handmaid’s Tale
It’s probably somewhat debatable as to whether or not this book is a classics, as it was only published in 1985, but I would definitely say that it is a modern classic, and will certainly be considered a classic for years to come. Only Ever Yours (yes, another Louise O’Neill reference, but I adore her books) was described as The Handmaid’s Tale crossed with Mean Girls, so if you enjoyed it, or think that feminist dystopian fiction sounds like exactly your cup of tea, then I could not recommend this book enough.

3. Jane Eyre
This choice is somewhat different to the previous two, as they were more modern classics, whereas Jane Eyre is from the 1800s. While I’m not particularly a fan of Rochester or Jane, the book itself is clever, thought-provoking, and very rich in meaning, with layers of detail which is actually a lot of fun to read into and analyse.

4. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
When there are so many film adaptations and spin-off books (the ones that immediately spring to mind to me are Heartless by Marissa Meyer and Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes) of this one, I feel like it’s practically essential reading for any bookworm. While it is mostly somewhat nonsensical, it is also a lot of fun, and clearly an influential piece of literature when it has inspired so many movies and other books!
5. To Kill a Mockingbird
Another classic which could be considered somewhat more modern (I think that’s generally where my preference lies) but I didn’t think I could really leave this one out. All I’m going to say about this book is that if you haven’t read it yet, please do so very soon! And I’m sure many people would agree with me on that.
These are my favourite classics! I hope that you feel inspired to go and read some classics now, as there are so many wonderful ones to enjoy. Also a massive thank you to Liv for letting me write this guest post as part of Blogmas on her blog!


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