BLOGMAS Day 12- Ashley Elston Interview

elston headshot

Today I have an interview with the lovely Ashley Elston!

When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?

I came to writing pretty late. I worked as a wedding and portrait photographer for years but decided to take a break after my third son was born. I had the idea for a book and just sat down and started writing it.

How long does it take you to write and do you have a specific place to write?

It depends. If the words are flowing and the story is working, I write pretty fast. But there are days where I just stare at that blinking cursor. I do most of my writing at home but if it’s too noisy there, I usually end up at Rhino Coffee.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

We have three sons so they keep me pretty busy! I also run the office for my husband’s landscape contractor business so most mornings I’m behind a desk doing very boring paperwork.

Do you have a music playlist that you listen to and if so what’s on there?

I can’t listen to music with words while I write so I stick mostly to instrumental movie soundtracks. Current favorites are the soundtracks from Game of Thrones, Meet Joe Black and Pride and Prejudice.

Describe your latest book “This Is Our Story” in 3 words

Don’t trust anyone

What can we expect from your next book?

I love twists and turns so definitely expect more of those as well as lots of tension with a healthy dose of romance. I know I’m being really vague but right now my lips are sealed on my next project!

Which character in your book are you most likely to get along with?

I think Kate and I would get along pretty well. I would also love having out with Reagan and getting some fashion advice from her.

Which character of yours is your favorite?

This may sound terrible but I love the River Point Boys. They are so bad but so fun to write.



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