Happy Holidays! I’m Cassidy and i’m going to be showing you how to decorate a perfect Christmas tree.

First step is to get a Christmas tree, real or fake, you chose.

Image result for christmas trees

This is a fake tree. You get the tree you and your family likes.

Next get some lights, color of your choice. I prefer white, just because it reminds me of snow. It also gives off that warm cozy feeling.

Image result for white tree lights

Next pick the color of your ornaments. These are just some random ornaments I found.

Image result for tree ornaments

Next place the lights on your tree.

Image result for lights on christmas tree

Next place your ornaments on the tree.

Image result for christmas tree and ornaments

and when your done with that , add some presents under the tree, and you’ve got a pretty Christmas tree.

Image result for christmas tree

I hope you enjoyed my guest blog. I’d like to thank Liv for letting me guest blog. I hope you all have a very happy holidays. Happy Holidays! xoxo Cassidy


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