INTERVIEW with Sarah Louise Smith

sarah louise smith.jpgHi everyone! Today I have a very special guest to take part in Blogmas and that is Sarah Louise Smith, the author of The Truth about Ellen and Izzy’s Cold Feet! 

A little bit of info about her before I start: Sarah Louise Smith is a British Chick-Lit novelist, in love with the feel-good feeling you get from a great romantic-comedy. She has written five novels so far: Amy & Zach, Izzy’s Cold Feet, Independent Jenny, The Truth About Ellen, and coming soon: Unrequited Alice. Follow her on Twitter @sarahsmith16 , and connect with her via her website:

Anyway enough chitchat lets get onto the questions!

First Question! When did you realise you wanted to become a writer?

I was so young that I don’t really remember. I’ve been writing stories since I was a kid. When I had my first job (and got bored easily), I then made a decision to take it seriously and make it happen … it then took about 10 years to actually write a complete novel and find my publisher!

What are your favourite books and why?

There are so, so many… I love Jane Austen, especially Pride & Prejudice. Her novels are witty, romantic … the first and ultimate romantic comedy writer for me. I watch the adaptations all the time too. More modern favourites include most books by Paige Toon (fave Pictures of Lily or Chasing Daisy), Lindsey Kelk (love About a Girl) and Giovanna Fletcher (Dream a Little Dream was the most recent I read, so good!). As you can tell, I’m a fan of the genre I write in… I do vary it from time to time, but ultimately my favourites are fun, light reads that entertain me, and leave me with that feel-good factor you get from a happy ending… *sigh*

You just won over my heart with that last answer I love all of those authors! Third question- How long does it take you to write and do you have a specific place to write?

When I sit down to write, I write non-stop for hours so it’s quite quick. But, sitting down to write has always been the problem. Despite enjoying it, I used to find it really hard to find the time and be ‘in the mood’ but earlier this year I quit my regular job, and now I have much more freedom to focus and so I’m producing new stories much faster. I hope to publish a minimum of two novels next year.

As for the specific place… usually, it’s at my desk in my little office at home. Sometimes I need to escape though, so head out with my MacBook to a Starbucks or Costa and put my earphones in, listen to some classical music, and sip a nice hot drink while I write. I also write a lot of notes whenever I go anywhere new, most of my books have some element of travel for the main character(s) and that’s usually based on my own experience of places I’ve been to.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Walk my dogs, talk about my dogs, play with my dogs, cuddle my dogs… I also like to cook, read, plan holidays, go to concerts and shows, watch TV – the usual stuff… Drink Prosecco… oh and did I mention I have dogs?

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Read lots of books in your genre. Write, write, write – no excuses! And be prepared to promote yourself and find your readership; writing a book is only the beginning.

Do you have a music playlist that you listen to and if so what’s on there?

I tend to have it reasonably quiet when writing (or else I’d just sing along… hence the classical music when I’m in a coffee shop). But when I’m not writing, I listen to a wide range of stuff – mostly cheesy pop. I’m a pretty big Take That fan.

Now I’m going to ask a few more book related questions, Which of your characters is most like you and why?

I think they’re all a little like me, especially as I write in the first person. They all have some traits that are similar, although the more I write, the wider my outlook and the less like me they probably become. Ellen in The Truth About Ellen is probably like me about 15 years ago … Izzy I related to a lot… Amy was my first female character so she’s probably the most like me!


Describe “The Truth about Ellen”

Ellen is a huge fan of a band she loved as a teenager, who have since broken up. Her favourite band member was Jasper; and she meets him and spends one night with him in her early twenties. Fast forward to her late twenties, where she meets Tom – another member of the same band. He is no longer in touch with Jasper, and Ellen doesn’t think it’d be cool to tell Tom that she was a huge fan, nor that she once met his former bandmate/ ex-best friend. So she starts dating him, and things go well… Until Jasper comes back into Tom’s life… not only could the truth about Ellen ruin her relationship with Tom, but how does she feel about her long-term celebrity crush, Jasper?

What made you want to write  “The Truth about Ellen”

It’s really based on my own feelings about the bands I adored as a teenager. As well as Take That, I was a huge fan of lot of other boybands, and I always used to imagine what would happen if I met one – would I admit I was a fan? My imagination kind of run away with me, and Ellen was created.

What is your next book about?

Unrequited Alice – out in March 2017 – is about Alice, who’s about to be bridesmaid at her oldest friend’s wedding. The trouble is, Alice is in love with the groom…

Thank you SO Sarah for being part of my Blogmas and for answering all of those questions! Make sure you Follower her on Twitter @sarahsmith16



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