BLGMAS DAY 2- November Book Haul

I accumulated so many books in November but definitely less than October! I feel like December may be worse because it’s Christmas and plus I always like to end the year with a bang! (I’m feel so sorry for my credit card)

A list of Physical books I bought:

Age Of Innocence

Vanity Fair


A Year and A Day

The Black Key

Gypsy Girl

Tales From The Shadow Academy

Watch Me – Angela Clarke

Trouble makes a Comeback

Ebooks :


Suite Francaise

TOUCH (A Denazen Novel, Book One)


Backstage Pass: The Complete Series (Backstage Pass, #1-5)

The Sun Is Also A Star

Live Fast, Die Young

Playing The Player

This Beats Perfect

So 18 books all together thats not too bad…Who am I kidding it’s terrible! I have a serious problem!


2 thoughts on “BLGMAS DAY 2- November Book Haul

  1. bookendsandendings says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of books! Let me know what you think of The Sun is Also a Star, I really enjoyed it so I’d be interested to know your opinion. Also how did you get Caraval as an ebook? I thought it hadn’t come out yet!


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