Guest Post -Kendra C. Highley

Hi! Today I have a special treat for you because I have a guest post from the wonderful author Kendra C. Highley  who wrote The Bad Boy Bargain.I’m currently reading this book and loving the main character Kyle he is so sweet bless him!

Anyway you can read Kendra’s guest post below and my review that will be up soon!

Secondary Character Stars

 Great main characters are the backbone of any book. They tell the story, carry the plot, and bring it all home in the end. But, great secondary characters liven things up. They’re the comic relief, the wise sage, the defender, and sometimes even an accomplice when burying bodies. You know, good friend stuff, right?

In The Bad Boy Bargain, Faith and Kyle each have some special people in their lives. For Faith, it’s her best friend Violet. Violet has been accused, and probably rightly, of stealing the scenes she’s in. She’s five-feet to Faith’s five-nine. She has a pixie haircut, a smart mouth, and wears heels that might best be called ridiculously tall. She has zero filters, and that’s what makes her a blast to write. Anything—and I mean anything—might come out of her mouth…and it usually does.

Kyle’s grandpa lives with Kyle and his dad. After his mother and grandmother died in a car accident when Kyle was very young, Grandpa took over raising him. A former marine and business owner, Grandpa Sawyer hasn’t lost one iota of spunk. He’s a little short on filters himself, but he loves Kyle dearly, and even if his methods of protecting his grandson are a little hardcore, he means well. And if he gave Kyle a beer to soothe a broken heart…well, probably better not tell Kyle’s dad about that. 

Kyle’s also lucky to have a friend, Cade, who stuck by him even though Kyle let himself drift away. Cade is our moral heart—he’s smart, direct, kind, and funny.  He also might be the Suttonville High resident sex therapist…but he won’t own up to that directly. He’ll just tell you he’s practicing for a career in psychology.

How about you? In your favorite books, who are your favorite secondary characters?


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