Unboxed – Non Pratt




Unboxed is about four teenagers who come together after several months apart. In previous years, they had put together a time capsule about their best summer with a friend who was dying. Now that their friend has passed, they reunite to open the box.

My Thoughts


Before I start this review I’d just like to tell you that I attended the book talk at Waterstones Piccadilly for this book and I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite talks ever. I came out in tears because I’d been laughing so hard.

Anyway back to my review! This was my first Non Pratt book and I read the whole of it on my way to Cambridge and while I was in Cambridge I actually went into the Waterstones there and had a nice chat with one of the book sellers there, who ended up recommending Non to me and when I told her I’d read the book we proceed to have a long chat about how much we loved the book and what Non Pratt book I should read next.

Back to the book! Unboxed is a beautiful book that captures you right from the beginning. It’s a quick read that you can devour in one sitting. Each character in the book was completely different but connected in a way you could relate to.

There were so many beautiful aspects of the book such as the things they found in their time capsule and how they all came back together. I think my favorite bit of the books was definitely the letters, I think they were the best! After reading this book I think I want to get all my friends together and make a time capsule.

One of the things that made this book so easy to enjoy was the way it was laid out. I didn’t realise until I got to the end that the ease was on purpose. So when I found out this was Dyslexic friendly, I loved this book even more. As a dyslexic person I think it’s so important that dyslexic people read because even though it’s a constant struggle there are ways to cope and having a book that takes that into consideration makes it so much better. So thank you Barrington Stoke and Non for making mine and other people’s lives so much better with a great book.

Excuse my rambling in this post it’s honestly a struggle of mine!


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