Something In Between – Melissa de la Cruz

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Jasmine de los Santos has always done what’s expected of her. Pretty and popular, she’s studied hard, made her Filipino immigrant parents proud and is ready to reap the rewards in the form of a full college scholarship.  

And then everything shatters. A national scholar award invitation compels her parents to reveal the truth: their visas expired years ago. Her entire family is illegal. That means no scholarships, maybe no college at all and the very real threat of deportation. 

For the first time, Jasmine rebels, trying all those teen things she never had time for in the past. Even as she’s trying to make sense of her new world, it’s turned upside down by Royce Blakely, the charming son of a high-ranking congressman. Jasmine no longer has any idea where—or if—she fits into the American Dream. All she knows is that she’s not giving up. Because when the rules you lived by no longer apply, the only thing to do is make up your own. 

My Thoughts

I would like to thank Harlequin UK for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

I think this book is very important to read as even though its fiction, it is very relevant to what’s going on in the world right now. It is very eye opening in ways for what it is like for immigrants not just in America but in all different parts of the world.

Something In Between is a book that features a great love story that faces real problems. I’m not saying that other fictional characters don’t have real problems, I mean that it’s a problem that is often dealt with people worldwide. Royce and Jasmine’s romance was so beautifully written and even though in some places it was a bit cheesy, I found it so cute to read about! I also think the reason I connected so well with the book was because it was personal to the author! 😉

Another thing I liked about this novel was the different dynamics between the two families and how they changed throughout the novel. I liked the Filipino and American mix.

 Even though I said this book was eye opening and very relevant to what some immigrants have to go through. I am going to note that the ending didn’t feel entirely realistic to me but on a whole it was definitely an eye opening book on immigration that stays with you. 

 I would highly recommend this book as I absolutely loved it which was a perfect end to my bank holiday! This book will give you some insight on the struggles of immigration.

Rating: 4/5

Publsihed by: HarlequinUK


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