September Wrap Up & October TBR


Image result for asking for it book


Forget Me Always

Olivia Decoded

Crown Of Midnight

Heir Of Fire

Shadow Of A Girl

Paper Butterflies

Asking For It

As you can see I’ve read a just a tad bit less than in August but the books I did read were all amzing and made me get all emotional, which is always something good!

I also read 2 of my selected TBR which was Olivia Decoded and Unboxed which were both great, I highly recommened them.

October TBR

  • Holding Up the Universe ( I really want to read this but so many books!)
  • Beautiful Broken Things
  • Queen Of Shadows
  • Second Chance Summer

Second Chance Summer is a bit of a cheat because I’m currently 100 pages away from finishing it but its still an october TBR.

I also want some Spooky books to read in October so throw your recommendations at me (not literally because that would hurt plus I don’t think you can do that through a screen)





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