Mortiswood – Kaelia Awaking

Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening‘ is the first book in the Mortiswood Tales Series.

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“They’ve been waiting lifetimes for you, Kaelia. They want you and will stop at nothing to have you.”

The warning’s rung in Kaelia’s ears since she discovered she’s far from the ordinary girl who grew up in the coastal town of Margate. She has power. The first time she shows it, death strikes, the second, she loses someone special, and on the third, her mother disappears.

Destiny is coming for Kaelia and there’s nowhere she can hide. THEY have stepped out of the shadows to find her. For generations, there have been whispers of The Chosen One. They speak of a name – Marrock – whose destiny entwines with that of The Chosen One.

Kaelia must avenge the wrongs, uncover who Marrock is, find her mother, and . . . FIGHT

Facing forces of depraved evil, magic, and myth, Kaelia’s search leads her through magical forests and unearthly realms.

I can’t wait to read this book once I’ve finally got time on my hands but until then I’ve been given a  little excerpt.

Sneak Peak

The mist dissipated and they whizzed through barren landscape until a steep rock face rose from the ground into the red sky, bringing them to a halt.‘We have to climb it,’ Bran said.The rock stretched as far as the eye could see above them, and behind lay the barren land edged with mist, and beyond that, the river of the dead.

‘How?’ Kaelia asked.The Vallesm pounced at the wall, clinging on by its claws. Red liquid oozed from where the wolf’s claws impaled the seemingly hard surface. Kaelia touched it, rubbed her fingertips, and sniffed.‘It’s blood.’ The wall crumbled when Kaelia scratched it. ‘This isn’t rock.’Bran tested the wall, his fingers piercing the surface like the Vallesm’s claws had. ‘It’s the bones of dead hellhounds and beasts, piled high and compressed over the centuries.’

‘We’ve really got to climb up it?’ Kaelia shuddered.

‘You do if you want a chance of finding your grandmother’s spirit and seeing if your mum is here.’ Kaelia fought the urge to throw up as she plunged one hand in the wall. Blood squelched around her fingers, oozing over her hand. It was cold yet gloopy.‘Think of it as a fun day out rock climbing.’ Bran was already catching up with the Vallesm, which was surprisingly adept at climbing.Kaelia grimaced and followed suit. ‘Minus the safety ropes.’ Each time Kaelia sunk her fingers and toes of her boots into the wall, the metallic tang was released. Blood made her fingers sticky, staining her skin. They were halfway up the wall when Kaelia sensed something behind her.‘Move!’ she screamed. ‘We need to move.’

Bran stopped mid-climb and peered past Kaelia. His face paled. ‘Hellhounds!’

Ferocious barking shot up the wall of bones and blood. The hounds were a blur of black fur and glowing, red eyes, as a dozen launched into the wall, expertly climbing upwards. The Vallesm howled and shot up the remainder of the wall at such speed its claws barely made an indent. Kaelia, Bran’s overcoat flapping heavily behind her, willed herself to move faster but she couldn’t match the speed of the Vallesm. Above her Bran was already hot on the heels of the wolf and his feet disappeared over the top of the wall. Even through the leather of Kaelia’s boots, the Hellhounds breath burnt. She made the mistake of looking down and lost a foothold, left clinging on by her fingertips.

You can purchase your copies now from Amazon UK   Authors Reach


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