Read Me Like A Book – Liz Kessler




Ashleigh Walker is having a difficult year. She’s struggling at school, and coming home to parents who are on the verge of divorce. She knows she should be happy spending time with her boyfriend – but, for some reason, being around him just makes her worry more. It’s only in her English teacher, Miss Murray, that she feels she’s found a kindred spirit. Miss Murray helps Ashleigh develop her writing skills and her confidence – but what happens when boundaries begin to blur? What will the repercussions be for Ashleigh? And how will she navigate her own sexuality?

My Thoughts

Going into this book I’d heard mixed reviews but nevertheless went into this book with high expectations.

This book centres around LGBTQ and coming out but I felt like these aspects weren’t approached until 200 pages in. When it was approached it was very disappointing and felt like  the author remembered that the main character was conflicted with her sexuality and just included it.

My other problem was  that even though you could read it in a couple of hours, there was nothing engaging about the book and it was vey slow placed.Also I was excited to read about the teacher student aspect but after reading it I found that it was kinda of irrelevant apart from the teacher helping the main character questioning her sexuality.

Rating: 2/5

Published by: Orion Children’s book


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