An Evening With Carrie Hope Fletcher 2016

On Tuesday 19th July I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Book signing! The event was hosted by the wonderful Isabelle Broom who is the Book Editor at Heat and  has also released her debut novel  My Map Of You, you can find my review of it here.

I’m a big fan of Carrie and I’m extremely jealous of her vocal range and just her in general, so of course when she came out singing Pulled from the Addams family  I was in absolute awe.
Carrie is a very humble person so when she was asked to give a quote that she lives by she said  “Don’t let people bring you down because if they’re trying to bring you down they were always below you in the first place.”   She also said that the person who keeps her grounded is her family in particular her mum.💜

When talking about her book,which is  NUMBER ONE in Hardback Fiction this week, she said the idea of On The Other Side  came to her in  November 2015 in a dream while she was on tour and she had to write it down in her journal so she wouldn’t forget it and thank god she didn’t because now we have this wonderful book! On the topic of her characters she said that they are inspired by 3-5 people she’s met  and also her imagination. There are 3 main characters in her book Evie, Jim and Vincent. Carrie said that Evie is all the things she hopes to be which I found cute until she  proceed to say   that her boyfriend Pete was her Vincent.🙈

After the even I look up to Carrie  even more because she is an Actress, Singer, Vlogger, and Author and  still finds the time to be nice to everybody she meets.

I will be writing a review of her book soon so keep an eye out!

P.S. Carrie is currently writing her 2nd novel😁



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