The Square Root Of Summer- Harriet Reuter Hapgood

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Gottie H. Oppenheimer is losing time. Literally. When the fabric of the universe around her seaside town begins to fray, she’s hurtled through wormholes to her past:

To last summer, when her grandfather Grey died. To the afternoon she fell in love with Jason, who wouldn’t even hold her hand at the funeral. To the day her best friend Thomas moved away and left her behind with a scar on her hand and a black hole in her memory.

Although Grey is still gone, Jason and Thomas are back, and Gottie’s past, present, and future are about to collide—and someone’s heart is about to be broken.

The Square Root Of Summer is a complex but great read.

Recently I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump but I decided it would not defeat me so I  picked up this book because why not?

To be honest when I started this book I had no clue as to what was going on.

Last summer Gottie was having the time of her life she had a wonderful boyfriend and the best Grandfather anyone could wish for. This summer she is confused and everything she had and wanted is gone.

If like myself Maths and science aren’t your strong suit then you will find this a bit difficult but by the end you will love it! I don’t really have a favourite reader in this book as there are still a few things I don’t quite understand but I will definitely be re-reading  this in the future🙈

Don’t let the maths turn you away! I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a book with a good plot.

BTW I would definitely purchase this book in paperback because the spray painted edges are so beautiful to look at 😍

Rating: 3/5

Published by:Roaring Brook Press


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