Always With Love Book Tour

image.jpegOn Thursday 2nd June 2016, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Giovanna Fletcher’s book signing which was the only date that included a Q&A hosted by the lovely Claire Frost.

I’d never been to a Q&A before so I didn’t really know what to expect however what I will say is that if all Q&A’s are like Giovanna’s then I will be going to many more.

If you were having a bad day before this event,you would be instantly be cheered up because from the moment Gi stepped out she had everyone in fits of laughter.

Giovanna talked about the process of writing, her books, motherhood and finding herself, which was the topic I found the most interesting. Throughout the whole talk Gi gave some inspiring quotes about many subjects but one quote I found that stood out to me the most was “positivity brings positivity and negativity brings negativity” I feel like this brings so much truth and honesty about life.

An exclusive was given that Gi had just signed a contract for books 5&6 she also revealed that her next book was going to be a new story and not about Billy and Sophie.

At the end of the talk there was obviously a book signing,where you got to take a picture with her and have a quick conversation.

When my turn came I of course had to mention that she and Paige Toon were my favourite authors and also that I had just started a blog which she and a couple of others responded with “that’s so cute and that you should keep it up” 🙈

I preordered a copy of Always With Love from Waterstones because at the time there was a competition to win Afternoon Tea with Giovanna, which I hope I win! 😉

If you haven’t read Giovanna’s new book again I highly encourage you to do so as it’s an excellent read!



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